“The introduction of the ELISIOdialyzer builds on our strategy of becoming a complete and cost-effective dialysis solutions leader, offering blood tubing lines, fistulas needles, and now dialyzers to our dialysis market partners in the U.S. market. ELISIO is designed to deliver an elevated benefits platform to the market, especially in clearance performance of small to middle molecules, and it delivers on these objectives.

The sophisticated ELISIO membrane provides thousands of fibers where each fiber acts like a nephron – the functional unit of the kidney, responsible for the actual purification and filtration of the blood.  A 3D chemical structure affords an ideal mixture of hydrophilic and hydrophobic domains, while reducing membrane fouling and maximizing membrane performance.


Smarter and Safer Design

ELISIO advances the dialyzer design in terms of composition, removal performance and results. We start with lighter, polypropylene housing and headers, which do not contain BPA. The inner design – featuring an ultra-smooth polyurethane cut surface and finely finished inner lumen of hollow fibers – ensures smooth blood flow and minimizes potential blood cell damage.